Method of payment PayPal

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Configuration of the payment provider

Setting Default setting Description
PayPal account - Your email address associated with your PayPal account. The amount will be credited to this PayPal account.

The PayPal payment method must also be activated in the “Checkout” module, which is often forgotten.

Activation in the Cash module


Setting Default setting Description
Use test system - If enabled, the payment will only be emulated in a test environment (sandbox) but not actually executed. You can also [create]( a [test account]( at Paypal. If you get a security warning in Firefox instead of the Paypal sandbox page (SSL\_ERROR\_NO\_CYPHER\_OVERLAP) you have to reset the setting security.tls.version.max in about:config.
Enable logging - Write transaction information to the system log files.

Configuration at PayPal

General description

With the payment method “PayPal” the service of PayPal (Europe) S.├á r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. is used. The customer is redirected to PayPal, completes the payment and authorizes PayPal for direct debit.

In order to use PayPal, the shop operator requires a PayPal account. If the customer does not have a PayPal account, he is free to pay with his bank account or credit card, depending on the settings made in the PayPal backend.

Further information about PayPal

Note for the description of the PayPal account setting

If multiple email addresses are associated with the PayPal account, the default email address must be set in Isotope eCommerce.

Configuration in the PayPal backend

For PayPal, various settings need to be made in order for Isotope and PayPal to work together properly.

Type of PayPal account

The PayPal account must be a business account, only then the required settings will be enabled.

Settings for the IPN

The Instant Payment Notification (IPN) informs the shop owner via email about incoming payments on the PayPal account. In the screenshot you can see under which menu item you can find it:

Settings for the IPN

In addition to the pure activation, the correct notification URL must also be entered. The URL is the absolute path to postsale.php, to which the ID of the payment module “PayPal” is appended.

If the module has the ID 1, the notification URL is e.g.<strong>1</strong>

Settings for the notification URL

For online stores, it is generally recommended to use an SSL certificate. PayPal requires encrypted connections as of June 2016, so the notification URL must also contain https. Please make sure that the online shop is running under SSL.

Voice encoding settings for IPN.

In PayPal the language encoding should be set to UTF-8, by default it is set to windows-1252, which can lead to errors, especially with umlauts. You can find the settings under “Language encoding of PayPal buttons”, there select UTF-8 under “More options”.

Voice coding settings for IPN

Notes on the simultaneous use of Isotope, eBay and IPN

If you also run an eBay shop (or other systems) with your PayPal account, PayPal will try to communicate with Isotope via IPN for eBay orders as well. Isotope then reports back with a 500 or 424 status code, but more and more errors appear in the system log and PayPal sends several mails that the IPN URL should be checked for errors.

Settings for the return URL

If you want the customer to be automatically redirected back to the Isotope shop after a successful payment, you have to set a setting in the “Website Settings” of the PayPal backend.

Settings for the redirect URL

According to PayPal guidelines, the return URL must contain various information. Here you enter the absolute path to this page.

Settings for the redirect URL