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The display of product images is probably one of the most important tasks of a webshop. That’s why in Isotope eCommerce there is the possibility to configure galleries and their behavior once and reuse them in the most diverse places. So you don’t have to configure every module again, if you want the image to be 200 pixels wide and remember it at the next module, you just select the gallery to use.

As you can see when creating a gallery, there is the possibility to configure three different gallery types in the core of Isotope eCommerce:

Gallery type selection

For documentation on the three available types, go here:

Note that you can create as many galleries of a type as you want.

By the way

The programmer you trust can program galleries and make them available here for you to choose from. So if the existing galleries are not enough for you, Isotope eCommerce gives you the flexibility to fix that.