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A Nachricht specifies a certain content that is sent via a certain gateway.

Nachrichten can, but does not necessarily have to be multilingual. If we make the mistake again and think of a message only as an e-mail, this always seems to be intentional. However, if we take into account a machine-to-machine message, it is unlikely to be written in multiple languages.

This is how you create a message to the orderer:

Detail of a message to the orderer

Title & Gateway

Setting Default setting Description
Title - Here you can enter a title for your message. It is only used for the backend.
Gateway - Each message is sent via a specific gateway, which you can select here.

Configuration for the gateway “E-Mail”

The languages are covered in the corresponding chapter

Expert settings

Setting Default setting Description
Priority normal Here you can set the priority with which the email is sent.
Template file mail\_default Here you can select the template with which the email will be generated.

Publish settings

Setting Default setting Description
Publish message - Here you can determine whether or not this message should be included when sending a notification.