Linked categories

This article is machine translated.

Verknüpfte Kategorien is used exclusively in connection with theSimilar Products module.

It forms the basis for the function known from many webshops for things like.

  • “Customers who bought this product also bought”.
  • Accessories for this product
  • etc.

However, a verknüpfte Kategorie is not always the same for every product. Let’s take the “accessories” function as an example. For product A, the accessories are products X and Y, but for product B, they are products K and L.

Therefore, the mapping for the categories is done in the product itself. Once you have created at least one verknüpfte Kategorie, you can do the linking in the productsthemselves.

Procedure for setting up similar products

  1. Isotope eCommerce > Shop Configuration > Create linked categories
    Neue Kategorie with the name Related.
    Create new category
  2. Isotope eCommerce > ProductsFirst you need to find out IDs of similar products, for that hover over blue icon (Sitemap icon). Then go to Kategorie hinzufügen, select the category Related and add the product IDs under Produkte.
    Add product IDs
  3. Modules > Create Similar ProductsModule and select Related under Module Configuration.
    Create similar products module
  4. Content > Article
    Now place the created module in the article with product listand product reader.
    Place created module