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Isotope eCommerce delivers since version 2.0 only .html5-templates. On the one hand this reduces the maintenance effort and on the other hand there are hardly any reasons why you have to use XHTML. Of course you can overwrite the templates as usual and also create them as .xhtml-variant.

Module Templates Description
Productlist mod_iso_productlist.html5 mod_iso_productlist_caching.html5 iso_list_default.html5 Module Template Output when loading a list (Ajax) Defaultoutput of the list
Product variant list mod_iso_productlist.html5 iso_list_variants.html5 Module Template Output of the list with variants
Product reader mod_iso_productreader.html5 iso_reader_default.html5 Module TemplateOutput of the reader page
Shopping cart mod_iso_cart.html5 iso_collection_default.html5 iso_collection_mini.html5 Module Template Default output of the list Minimized output of the list
Checkout mod_iso_checkout.html5 iso_collection_default.html5 iso_checkout_address.html5 iso_checkout_shipping_method.html5 iso_checkout_payment_method.html5 iso_checkout_order_info.html5 iso_checkout_order_conditions.html5 Module Template Standard Output of the list Step 1 in the checkout Step 2 inthe checkout Step 3in the checkout Step 4in the checkout Customizing the form
Product filter iso_filter_default.html5 Filter output
Restrictive filter mod_iso_cumulativefilter.html5 nav_default.html5 *Contao* Module Template Default Navigation Template
Past orders mod_iso_orderhistory.html5 Module Template
Order details mod_iso_orderdetails.html5 iso_collection_default.html5 Module Template Default List Output
Shop configuration switcher mod_iso_configswitcher.html5 Module Template
Addressbook mod_iso_addressbook.html5 member_default.html5 *Contao*member_grouped.html5 *Contao* Module Template Standard Member List Grouped member list (e.g. personal data, address data etc.)
Related products mod_iso_productlist.html5 iso_list_default.html5 Module Template Standard Output of the list
Messages mod_iso_messages.html5 Module Template
Other Templates Description
Galleries iso_gallery_standard.html5 iso_gallery_inline.html5 Output of a standard gallery Output ofan inline gallery
Documents iso_document_default.html5 Output of a document