Installation via Extension Repository

This article is machine translated.

Isotope eCommerce can be easily installed via the extension repository, just like many other Contao extensions. The easiest way to do so starts with a click on Erweiterungsverwaltung in the backend.

On a fresh Contao installation it looks like this:

Extension management overview

Click on Erweiterung installieren in the upper right corner.

The next screen allows you to enter the desired extension. Here you type isotope, make sure the spelling is correct and that Isotope eCommerce is compatible with your Contao version:

Select extension management isotopes

After clicking Weiter, you can select the desired version. You should never use beta versions for production use. So watch out for the keyword stable and try to stay up to date with the help of the official blog. Here you can install the version 2.0.3 stable:

Extension management Select isotope version

Follow the further steps and perform the database update. If the installation was successful, you should now see the new navigation points:

Isotope navigation

You can check if the correct version of Isotope eCommerce has been installed by clicking Shop-Konfiguration. The installed version of Isotope eCommerce is displayed in the title:

Check version

That’s all. Now you can start configuring your webshop.