Tips and tricks

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Set up minimum order quantity

The minimum order quantity is set up as follows:

In Product Type under Prices, please enable Extended Pricing.

Then in Product under Price Settings adjust the quantity in the price scales.

Customize Isotope text output in frontend

You want to customize the output of a text given by Isotope in the frontend.

On GitHub, enter the word you want to change in the search box.

Search on GitHub

Copy the code line into your system/config/langconfig.php and replace “Buy” with “Order for a fee”.

$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['MSC']['confirmOrder'] = 'Kostenpflichtig bestellen';

For a multilingual site, the code must look like this:

if ($GLOBALS['TL_LANGUAGE'] == 'de')
    $GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['MSC']['confirmOrder'] = 'Kostenpflichtig bestellen';
elseif ($GLOBALS['TL_LANGUAGE'] == 'en')
   $GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['MSC']['confirmOrder'] = 'Order';

Result in the frontend

Output orders with additional attribute in the backend.

Create an attribute with the following properties:

Setting Value
Name Available
Internal name deliverable
Type Radio Button Menu
Options Wizard
Value Name
Yes Yes
No No

Then activate the attribute in the product type.

Copy the following code into your system/config/dcaconfig.php.

        $GLOBALS['TL_DCA']['tl_iso_product']['list']['label']['fields'][] = 'lieferbar'; 

The resultOutput orders with additional attributes in the backend

Many thanks to Spooky.

Display orders with time in the backend

Copy the following code into your system/config/dcaconfig.php.

$GLOBALS['TL_DCA']['tl_iso_product_collection']['fields']['locked']['eval']['rgxp'] = 'datim';

BeforeOrders with date in backend

AfterOrders with date and time in the backend

Display scale price table in the product view

Copy the following code at the desired position into iso_reader_default.html5.

<?php echo $this->generateAttribute('price_tiers'); ?>

Display scale price table in the product view

Test orders cannot be deleted?

There is deliberately no button for this in the backend, as actual orders should never be deleted. These will then only be marked as cancelled due to the traceability. To delete test orders before the launch, empty (SQL query TRUNCATE) all tables in the database that begin with tl_iso_product_collection.