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Here you have order number, placement date, billing address and order status listed in one overview.

Filter & Sort

Here you can filter the shop orders according to various properties.

Filter name Meaning
Placed Filters the orders by their date of receipt in months.
Order status Filters the purchase orders according to their status.
Payment method Filters the orders by their selected payment method.
Shipping method Filters the orders by the selected shipping method.


filters always show for selection what is already in the list, not all possibilities which are basically available


You can sort by Bestellnummer, Bestellstatus and Platziert.

Editing possibilities of the individual orders

1. edit

Setting Default setting Description
Order status Depending on which statuses are automatically assigned by the system. You can set this in the shop configurations. Here you can change the status of the order manually.
Payment date - Here you can enter the date when a customer has paid for example cash/advance payment.
Shipping date - Here you can record the date of dispatch.
Order notes - Remarks for other users in the backend.

2. detailed information about individual orders

Next to the info button on the right there are three more buttons available.

  • Via the payment method button (Payment type icon) you can view information that goes along with the payment process. For example, if the buyer paid with Paypal, the transaction code is displayed here.
  • The same kind of information is provided by the shipping method button (Shipping type Icon). For example, you might see a tracking number here. This largely depends on the shipping providers, what information they return and if the developer of the shipping or payment method has implemented it.
  • With the PDF button (Generate document icon) you can for example generate an invoice or a delivery note. You can create and customize the templates yourself.


New orders are displayed on the start page.

Notification of new orders on the start page

Configure orders

Under Shop Configuration you can configure the orders.

Configuration Orders under Shop Configuration General | Settings