Creating the page structure

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In every shop, regardless of size and product type, at least these pages are required for the system:

  • Product overview (product list)
  • Product details (product reader)
  • Shopping cart
  • Legal information (e.g. payment, shipping, AGB)
  • Checkout
  • Order completed

Since Isotope 2.0 the modules Produktliste and Produktleser can be placed on one page.


creating the module Produktliste in the template settings, mark Hide in product view

, so that the list is not shown in the detail view.

If the modules Produktliste and Produktleser should not be placed together on one page and the Produktleser should be moved to a separate page, another page must be created.

  • Product details

By default, the module Produktliste expects the module Produktleser on the same page for the detail link. To override this and redirect to a separate detail page with the module Produktleser, the checkbox “Use detail page” must be set in the page properties of the page “Product overview” in the section “Isotope eCommerce” and the detail page must be selected.

If there is to be access protection for the orders, these pages are also required for the members.

  • Registration
  • Registration successful
  • My account
  • Order history
  • Order details
  • Forgotten Password
  • Logout

Furthermore, shops often have a search function. For this the search results page is needed.

Overview of the modules to be integrated into these pages

Page name Module Remarks
Product overviewProduct details Product list (isotopes )Product reader(isotopes) Default setting: both modules on one page
Product reader Product reader (isotopes) Optional: a separate page for the details; set redirection in the page properties of the product page
Shopping cart Shopping cart (Isotopes)
Legal information Content elements `Text` (Contao) e.g. payment, shipping, terms and conditions
Checkout Checkout (Isotope)
Order completed Order details (Isotopes )Content elements `Text` (Contao)
Registration Registration (Contao)
Registration successful Content elements `Text` (Contao)
My account Personal data (Contao )Past orders (Isotope) Close account (Contao) The modules can be included in Accordion sections.
Order history Past orders (Isotope) If the module is already on the "My Account" page, the separate "Order History" page can be omitted.
Order details Order details (Isotopes)
Forgotten password Forgotten password (Contao)
Logout Automatic logout (Contao)
Search results Search engine (Contao)