Address book

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The Adressbuch module is used to manage members' addresses. This allows you to simplify the ordering process for your returning visitors, as they can select a delivery or billing address from their address book.

If you want the given addresses to be stored in the address book every time a member places an order, this must be set in the checkout module.

Module configuration

Setting Default setting Description
Notification - Here you can choose which notification should be sent when submitting the order.

Template settings

Setting Default setting Description
Individual template - Here you can override the default template.
Form-Template member\_default Here you can select a form template. Note: This setting only applies to the edit mode. Options: - member\_default - member\_grouped</li
Tableless layout - Determines if the form should be displayed without HTML tables in edit mode.
Include messages - If this option is activated, the errors and hints are output directly in the module and not as a JavaScript overlay.