Wish List Details

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This feature is only available in Isotope eCommerce 2.5 and later.

The Wunschlistedetails module is responsible for outputting the detailed view of a wish list.


Setting Default setting Description
Forwarding page for shopping cart - Select here the page to which the visitor will be redirected if he wants to see the complete shopping cart.

Template settings

Setting Default setting Description
Individual template - Here you can override the default template.
Product collection template iso\_collection\_default Here you can select a product collection template and change the display of the products in the order as you wish. Selection options: - iso\_collection\_default - iso\_collection\_favorites - iso\_collection\_invoice - iso\_collection\_mini
Sorting Added by date (ascending) Here you can define in which order the entries of a collection should be listed. Selection options: - by date added (ascending)

by - date added (descending

) by date - updated

(ascending) by date - updated (descending

) by - product name

(ascending) by product - name

(descending) by - price

(ascending) - by

price (descending)

Gallery - Here you can select the gallery with which the product images of the order will be processed. If you do not select anything here, the template of the respective product type will be chosen (recommended).
Include news - If this option is enabled, the errors and notices will be displayed directly in the module and not as a JavaScript overlay.