Payment method ExperCash

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Configuration of the payment provider

Setting Default setting Description
ExperCash Popup ID - The pop-up ID of the ExperCash portal.
ExperCash Profile 0 The three digit profile number of the ExperCash profile.
ExperCash pop-up key - The pop-up key of the ExperCash portal.
Transaction type Selection of the payment type by the end customer: Predefine the transaction type or let the customer select it: - **Selection of payment type by the end customer.** - **Payment by direct debit (ELV)** - **Verification and storage of account data for later collection** - **Credit card payment** - **Binding reservation on a credit card for later collection** - **Transaction via giropay** - **Transaction via Sofort├╝berweisung**


Setting Default setting Description
CSS template - Select a CSS file to pass to ExperCash.


Setting Default Setting Description
Enable logging - Write transaction information to the system log files.