Tax brackets

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SettingDefault settingDescription
Name-Create a name for the tax class that describes what it is used for.
Default-Click here if this is the default tax class.

Tax Rates

Tax class included in product price-Select whether product prices with this tax class include a tax rate. This tax rate will be subtracted from the product price if it does not match.
Include label-A label for orders to display deducted taxes (if included taxes do not match). If this field is blank, the default tax rate caption will be displayed.
Add Tax Rates-Add these tax rates to products with these tax classes.
Use Rounding Surcharge-Use rounding surcharge of the shop configuration.
Non-negative-Prevents negative amounts for this tax (negative number is rounded up to 0.00).

Example 1:

For sales to end consumers in Germany, the gross price is displayed and the included VAT is only shown.

End user

Example 2:

For sales to business customers in Germany, the net price is displayed and the normal VAT is added.

Commercial customers