Notification Center

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Navigation of the Notification Center

Isotope eCommerce’s own email notifications have been moved out to the Benachrichtigungszentrum since 2.0 You’ll notice that clicking Benachrichtigungen will take you to the appropriate menu item. This was built in to make it easier to get started for those familiar with Isotope 1.4.

If you imagine Benachrichtigungszentrum detached from Isotope eCommerce, some things should seem clearer from the start. It was developed independently and aims to act as a central component for any other extensions and their notifications. In fact, the requirements for notifications can be stated together:

  • A notification always has a trigger, and since that trigger should potentially trigger several different messages, a notification consists of one or more messages.
Note the different usage of Benachrichtigung and a single Nachricht. A Benachrichtigung is a vessel of one or more Nachrichten.
  • A message must be potentially translatable into different languages.
  • A message is not defined by the word “email”. It is therefore irrelevant for a message where or with which means (gateway) it is sent.
  • A message does not necessarily consist of human-readable text. A machine-to-machine exchange can equally be called a “message”.

The following behavior results:

A single notificationincludes one or more messages, which are sent in different languages via any gateway.