File tree

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Setting Default setting Description
Description - This description serves as a hint to the backend user and is displayed below the input field.

Attribute Configuration

Setting Default Setting Description
Field Type Checkbox Here you can set whether one file (radio button) or multiple files (checkbox) can be selected.
Sort by File name (ascending) Here you can select a sort order for the output in the Fontend, the following are available. If you select `Eigene Reihenfolge` you can change the order by drag & drop when [creating the product](de/handbuch/v/2.4/r/produktepflege.html) in the backend. - Custom order - File name (ascending) - File name (descending) - Date (ascending) - Date (descending) - Random order
Base directory - Specify here from which directory the folder structure should be displayed.
Mandatory field - The product cannot be saved (backend) or added to the shopping cart (frontend) without this information.
Multilingual - Select if this attribute has to be translated into other languages (e.g. text fields).
Show files - If you select this, files and not only folders will be displayed.
Mark as gallery - Allows for a better view in the backend.