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Attribute Name & Type

Setting Default Description
Use for variants - Here you can provide the attribute for configuring product variants.
Selectable by the customer - You must select this field if the customer should be able to make an entry in the frontend.


Setting Default Setting Description
Description - This description serves as a hint for the backend user and is displayed below the input field.


Setting Default setting Description
Options Source - Here you can select where the options for this field should be taken from. You can choose from: - Options Manager - Own database table (foreignKey) - Options Wizard (deprecated


Options Manager
Edit Option - Add an option to the field.
New Option - Create a new option.
Group - Here you can group option (adds a optgroup to the option).
Default - Here you can pre-select an option (adds selected to the option).
Label - Here you can specify which label the option should be displayed in the backend or frontend.
Price markups or markdowns - You can enter a positive or negative value to change the product price when this option is selected.
Published - Make this option available in the product.
Own database table (foreignKey)
Foreign table and field - Instead of options you can also read data from the database. A possible query, after creating the database table and data fields, could look like this: # Datenbankfeld für die Fallback-Sprachetl_meine_tabelle.mein_feld# Datenbankfeld für die Deutsche-Sprachede=tl_meine_tabelle.mein_feld_de# Datenbankfeld für die Französische-Sprachefr=tl_meine_tabelle.mein_feld_fr
Options Wizard (deprecated)
Value - Here you can enter the value of the option, which should be transferred when submitting the form.
Name - Here you can specify which label the option should be displayed in the backend or frontend.
Default - Here you can pre-select an option (adds a selected to the option).
Group - Here you can group an option (adds optgroup to the option).
Insert empty selection - Here you can define an empty selection for the select menu.
Label for the empty selection - Here you can define the label for the empty selection.



is anexcellent tool for creating and maintaining external tables and fields


Attribute configuration

Setting Default setting Description
Mandatory field - If `Durch den Kunden auswählbar` is selected, the product cannot be added to the shopping cart without this information. Otherwise, the field will be displayed as a required field in the backend when creating a product.
Use the JavaScript plugin "Chosen". - This option enables the use of the JavaScript plugin "Chosen" for the selection field, allowing you to select multiple values using a search function.

This feature is only available in Isotope eCommerce 2.6 and later.

Multiple Selection - Allows the user to select more than one option.
List Size 5 Once 'Multiple Selection' is selected, you can set the size of the selection box here.

Search & Filter Settings

Setting Default setting Description
Filterable in frontend - Once this field is selected, this attribute can be used as a filter in the frontend.
Add to "Sort by" option list. - Makes the field, if maintained in the backend and visible to the customer, sortable in the list module.
Filterable in the backend - Once this field is selected, this attribute can be used as a filter in the backend.

The output of the created attribute in the backend is through the product types. If you have made the select menu Durch den Kunden auswählbar it will be displayed automatically in the frontend (using $this->options in the template). Otherwise you can output the attribute in the desired isotope template with the following code <?php echo $this->generateAttribute('InternerName'); ?>.