Before project start

This article is machine translated.

This is a small helper, which may be supplemented gladly and no final list. Thinking along is absolutely permitted.

Basic questions

  • Do I know my customers?
    • Is he already active in the business field or is he a newcomer?
    • Is the budget available?
    • Are the requirements defined?
    • Is Isotope eCommerce even the right solution for the use case?
  • Is an existing Contao installation available? Which version?
  • Does the customer’s web hosting meet the system requirements?
  • Do I have an SSL(TLS) certificate (min. 256-bit)?
  • Is the maintenance after the initial creation of the webshop arranged? Who is responsible?
  • Am I a member of the Isotope eCommerce Circle? ;-)

Payment methods

There are a lot of providers on the market. Which one do I choose? What are the decision criteria?

  • Does the customer need the possibility for credit card payments?
  • Who takes care of the contracts with payment providers?
  • Do they need additional features such as automated credit checks?
  • Are there regional/country-specific restrictions?
  • What are the pricing structures?
  • Can one provider cover multiple payment methods (e.g. credit cards & LSV & debit cards) or should a different provider be chosen per payment method?
  • Who are my customers? For example, is it common to pay by credit card or LSV in the USA?
  • Do I know the legal conditions in the country of the shop operator?
  • Do I need a lawyer and/or a tax advisor?